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Since our inception in 2007, Washington CPA Services, LLC has been focused on building a solution based firm to provide tax + accounting + financial services.   Our firm has helped clients with personal finance solutions, successful IRS tax representation, full accounting outsourced services, tax preparation, and helped entities reduce their tax burden.  Book our company today to help your needs!  Click here for more information.

Washington CPA Services, LLC focuses on the following services:

  • Tax Preparation Services

  • Tax Reduction Services

  • IRS & State Resolution Services

  • QuickBooks + Accounting Setup

  • Monthly CFO/CPA Services

  • Business + Nonprofit Entity Setup 

  • Financial Consulting

  • Insurance Services

  • Educational Business Classes


Kemberley Washington, CPA

Founder + Managing Partner 

Washington completed her Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in the area of accounting from Southern University and A&M College.  She has also completed her coursework toward her Ph.D. in the area of Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech. Washington started her career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a Revenue Agent and Criminal Investigator. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  Also, she teaches accounting courses as an adjunct professor and serves on nonprofit boards in New Orleans.  She is a best selling author, financial news contributor and writes a personal blog at Kemcents.com and 21daysof.com

Our Mission Statement

Vision + Value = Victory  

Washington CPA Service's mission statement is to provide excellent tax, accounting, and financial services to entities.  Our business is to serve our clients through professional, confidentiality, affordability, accuracy and integrity.  Our goal is to help solve tax, accounting, and financial issues through effective problem solving and carefully designed processes for entities. We foster and nurture future CPAs through mentoring partnerships, training, and education.  We glorify God in all things - working daily to be better stewards over our employees, resources, finances, time, talent and work. It is our pleasure to assist and serve your business' needs.